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Ebooks by
Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj

Ebook in English
67 pages

SYNOPSIS - Absolutely the most important primer on developing devotional love, "Rupadhyana" offers both a philosophical foundation and practical steps for evolving true and deep feeling in one's practice of bhakti yoga or devotion. The topics of the book include:

  • Two aspects of God - personal (with form) and impersonal (formless)
  • Pivotal role of the mind in spiritual practice
  • Stages of devotional enlightenment
  • Why devotional remembrance is the actual life force and vital aspect of all spiritual practices
  • Relationship of kirtan and devotional remembrance
  • Role of the Guru or Spiritual Master in devotional remembrance
  • Why the mind is incapable of understanding or perceiving what is divine and how this is alleviated
  • The 4 essential rules for practicing devotion
  • The 2 kinds of rupadhyana or devotional visualization
  • Detailed descriptions from the Sanskrit scriptures of God's divine form, beauty and bliss

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