Bhakti Yoga Meditation

English Subtitled Lectures by
Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj


7-day lecture series
Recorded in 2007 in Navadwip, India
2-DVD set
English subtitles

SYNOPSIS - Shri Maharaj Ji explains over seven days the following verse:

hari anurag ho to
  • Day 1: Introduction to the above verse, "Hari anurag ho to Govind Radhey, jag virag ho to man te bata de." Both devotion to God and detachment from the world are done by the mind.

  • Day 2: Affection and animosity both produce mental attachment; the four kinds of people and states of mind.

  • Day 3: Karmic consequences are the result of mental motivation; does detachment from the world or attachment to God come first?

  • Day 4: The mind's deceptive nature; the cause of both bondage in maya and liberation from maya is the mind; the mind is constantly active; importance of forming attachment to God.

  • Day 5: Nature of Divine happiness; definition of true detachment; the four deceptions described by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu; selfless devotion.

  • Day 6: The value of repeated reflection; soul is a part of God; selfish nature of worldly love; how desires form; how to form devotional desires.

  • Day 7: Who is qualified to practice devotion or bhakti; 3 classes of practitioner; how, with what and where to practice devotion.

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