Seva or Service in Bhakti Yoga

The practical form of devotion or bhakti is called service or seva. Saints have described this is of three kinds:

  • Mental seva or loving devotional remembrance
  • Physical seva or physical acts
  • Charitable seva or monetary offerings

Out of the three - mental, physical and monetary - the principal form of seva is mental seva. Physical and monetary seva are secondary forms of service.

For example, is someone were missing a limb, how could he do physical service? If someone had very little income, how could he do monetary service?

If you have the means to do physical or monetary seva they should be done. Otherwise, we should do seva with the mind. This means to always keep your mind in thoughts of God and Guru.

Because they are Divine subjects, if you engross your mind in their remembrance, your mind will purify. Therefore, mental seva is the principal seva. Your body and wealth are helpers.