Radha Krishna:
The Form of Divine Love

We could ask the same question this way: what is the nature of the essence of bliss?

Both coal and diamonds are made of carbon atoms. But a diamond is a highly compressed and intensified expression of carbon atoms. As a result, a diamond is more valuable and more beautiful, even though both are made from the same elemnt. Similarly, although God is only one, He is both the form of bliss and also the form of Divine love (the intensified essence of bliss). The beauty associated with the form of Divine love is the greatest and most enriched experience of Divine beauty.

An entire room full of raw sugarcane might make a two buckets of sugar. Imagine how much sweetness a room full of sugar would produce! Sugar is the sweetest essence of the sugarcane. Similarly, the power of Divine love is the sweet essence of Divine bliss. As such, the experience of Divine love is the most intensified or most intimate experience of bliss.

As explained in the Vedic scriptures, every power in the Divine world has a personal form. The personal form of God related to the Divine love power is Radha Krishna.

The one who attains this power is called a Rasik Saint. The word 'ras' means sweetest nectar, and the suffix 'ik' means the one who possesses.

Sage Narada wrote an important scripture explaining the greatness of Radha Krishna bhakti called the Narad Bhakti Darshana. In this he explains a Rasik Saint experiences Divine love not only with his senses, mind and intellect, but with every pore of his being and his soul, and the bliss of this Divine experience keeps on increasing every second, forever.

The is the greatness of Divine love which is attained through bhakti yoga meditation.

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