Philosophy of Nondualism
and Absolute Truth

In the philosophy of nondualism, the nirakar (nih-without, akar-form) aspect of God is referred to as the absolute truth, absolute existence, pure awareness, nondual bliss, the Self of all, utter consciousness, the ultimate single reality or absolute truth.

Nondualism teaches this aspect of Divinity is not analogous to any material situation, therefore it is also described as imperceptible, unknowable, and inconceivable. It is absolutely without form. It is a complete non-doer. It peforms no gracious actions or provides protection. It is simply a Divine existence called "nirakar brahm" (brahm - God). The impersonal bliss associated with nirakar brahm is called "brahm-ananda".

Realization on the path of jnana culminates in a state where the experiencer, the process of experience and the experienced object merge into One. In this realization, any sense of dualism (meaning the experience you have of yourself as a separate existence) comes to end.

Like a drop that is entering the ocean, your sense of self merges into the ocean of non-dual bliss.

You have an small experience of non-dualism every night when you enter deep dreamless sleep. In this state, you lose all sense of your "I". Your awareness of self becomes dormant.

The practices in jnana yoga teach that the material world we perceive (maya) and whatever we are attached to in it has no fundamental existence. It is an illusion. Mayic delusion has confused you into thinking you are a separate existence from God, and because of that delusion of separation, you experience suffering and lack of fulfillment. In reality, the only truth is God, who is the absolute reality and you are one with That.

Your thinking has been conditioned by maya, the material power, to make you feel you are in separation from your essential nature as absolute truth.

Modern nondualists state that coming into a recognition of your true nature is as easy as changing your thinking, because when you are already That, what is there to realize? Just know it!

However, if a seeker wishes to realize absolute truth as it has been experienced and described by the originators of the path of non-dualism, it is advised he follow the guidelines given by true gyani Saints in the tradition of jnana yoga.

If you meet the stringent qualifications for the path of jnana, then through the proper process taught to you by a realized jnani Saint and with his grace, your mayic illusion could be vanquished. You could attain absolute liberation, realize the substantial oneness of the soul and God and experience the bliss of impersonal realization.

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