The Nature of God Realization

The philosophy of dualism describes the possibility of the direct perception of God. To realize this, a bhakta (devotee) dedicates himself to following the devotional guidelines of bhakti yoga meditation as taught by his Guru, a Bhakta Saint. He continues to purify his mind through devotion, surrender, dedication and service.

At the moment he attains the state of complete surrender, and with the grace of his Guru, a bhakta immediately receives liberation from maya, and simultaneously his material senses, mind and intellect are made Divine or Divinized.

With these Divine faculties, the enlightened bhakta perceives, knows and experiences the Divine form of God omnipresently, and along with this, he experiences God's supreme Divine bliss.

He also realizes his true Divine identity as a soul, and his soul-relationship to God.

At the moment of God realization, a bhakta's physical destiny is terminated. He will retain forever the Divine faculties received. At this time he may choose to remain in maya as a fully liberated Saint or enter the Divine world forever.

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