Devotional Songs - Pad Kirtan
on Mahasakhi Madhuri
(Sweetness of Radha's Eight Personal Aides)

This is from the collection of devotional songs or pad kirtan in "Prem Ras Madira" on Mahasakhi Madhuri or the sweetness of eight Divine personal aides of Shri Radha.

Shri Radha has eight personal aides or Mahasakhis who are Her eternal Divine associates. Their names are Lalita, Vishakha, Indulekha, Champaklata, Tungvidya, Rangdevi, Chitra and Sudevi. They are an expansion of Shri Radha's own personality.

The Mahasakhis appear on this earth from time to time in the form of great Rasik Saints, and they reveal the greatness of Radha Krishna leelas or pastimes in the Divine abode.

The Mahasakhis also eternally serve Radha Krishn in the Divine world and the service that each performs has been described in pad kirtan.

Using these descriptions as a base for your devotional imagination, imagine the scene, actions, and feelings that these pads evoke. Click here for Hindi.

"Vishakha Sakhi Sakhiyan Sardar"

Vishakha sakhi, sakhiyan sardar.
"Vishakha Sakhi is leader of all the Mahasakhis."

Damini-duti sam gaur kalevar, damkat sushma sar.
"Her extremely fair complexion shines like lightening."

Pahire vasan manohar mohati, taragan anuhar.
"The color of her garments is like a blue sky that is studded with stars."

Rang birange vasan pinhavati, sada yugal sarkar.
"She makes Radha Krishna wear beautiful clothes of various colors."

Janu pratibimb, sang Shyama ke, rat divas iksar.
"She lives with Shri Radha day and night like a shadow."

Janat sabai Kripalu reeti-ras, Pyari son ati pyar.
Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj says, "She knows all the ways of Divine love and is more attached to Shri Radha."

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